How's GrandmaTM
is smarter homecare.

How’s Grandma is the next generation of best-in-class, personalized homecare – a combination of the latest technology with a human touch for seniors wishing to age-in-place. How’s Grandma combines the proven CuraSene™ service solution with a set of defined care protocols delivered exclusively by a certified How’s Grandma agency.

What How’s Grandma does for you.

At How’s Grandma, we provide a technology-based, in-home care service via a smartphone app. This service is available to families with aging loved ones who wish to remain in their homes as long as possible, as well as to independent and assisted living centers.

We partner with certified How’s Grandma homecare agencies to deliver clearly-defined and affordable protocols supervised by a qualified medical professional that exceed the standards of senior care. This combination of intelligence with human compassion offers an affordable option for best-in-class elderly comfort.

Establishing peace-of-mind.

The way How’s Grandma works.

Types of data we monitor.


Sudden inactivity may indicate a fall


Night activity may predict wandering


Change in sleep patterns may signal a problem


Monitoring frequency may provide health info


Not returning to the home may signal an emergency


Reduced refrigerator opens may mean low intake


Change in walking speed may indicate fatigue


Low levels of movement may signal a problem

Unobtrusive and dignified care.

How’s Grandma for families.

How’s Grandma provides family caregivers with a new option: the ability to create a highly-affordable, team approach with a certified How’s Grandma agency. Professional caregivers at the agency, together with family members, can respectfully monitor your loved one using unobtrusive, state-of-the-art technology.

Maintaining dignity and privacy while aging-in-place is a common human desire; your loved ones are no different. Our technology is non-threatening and discreet. No cameras or microphones are used by the CuraSene technology platform. Movement – or lack of movement – is the only behavior tracked and reported.

Family caregivers can purchase the CuraSene HomePlus monitoring system and install sensors in designated areas with provided instructions. An even better option is to work with a certified How’s Grandma agency.


The professionals at the agency will loan you the hardware, install it at no cost, and charge a highly-affordable, monthly fee. While the agency provides 24/7/365 monitoring of your loved one, you can use the smartphone app to see how she/he is doing. Request info on local agency.

Next generation, smarter homecare.

How’s Grandma for agencies.

We partner with qualified homecare providers and certify them as How’s Grandma agencies. Applicant agencies will receive thorough training in technology, regulations, business practices and more to ensure adherence to the How’s Grandma proprietary protocols. These protocols and the CuraSene service solution, combined with professional care, deliver an affordable and elevated standard of senior homecare.


Certified How’s Grandma agencies will use their Case Manager app to monitor their client’s family member respectfully. Agency professionals will watch trends in the activities of daily living (ADLs) of the elderly person and will suggest what course of action should be taken to maintain their care.


Only certified homecare agencies will receive the How’s Grandma seal. This medallion provides an extra layer of trust in professional caregivers to families of aging seniors.


Affordable and elevated care.

How’s Grandma pricing.


  • 100% Passive, Self-Learning System
  • Agency-Installed Hardware
  • Potential Risk Notifications
  • Professional Monitoring 24/7/365
  • No Hardware Costs
  • Well-check Calls
  • Well-check Visits
  • Introduction to Hands-on Care
$119 /MO


  • 100% Passive, Self-Learning System
  • Self-Installation of Hardware
  • Potential Risk Notifications
  • Smartphone App Monitoring
  • One-time $299 CuraSeneTM HomePlus
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • n/a
$49 /MO