Hows Grandma

A unique combination of Home Care for seniors and new technology to supply Smarter home care, better, less expensive

What is Hows Grandma? Safety for your loved one

Hows Grandma Mission

Hows Grandma is a combination of Home Care for seniors and new technology to supply Smarter home care, better, less expensive and higher quality.

A fusion of Traditional Home Care and Technology

Combining traditional home care with 24/7 Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Monitoring. We can monitor and analysis your loved one's ADLs. Trending their behavior to give you peace of mind and assist when required.

Easy to understand

ADLs are monitored 24/7. Red alerts such a fall are sent immediately for 911 intervention. Yellow alerts are usefully for knowing about and acting on changing behavior. Green indicates all is good, giving you peace of mind.


The technology

Hows Grandma uses the innovative solution by CuraSene™. The CuraSene™ HomePlus solution was the result of 10 years research in Holland. It has been actively used for four years. It is now coming to the US market for the first time. 

Unlike other similar solutions, CuraSene™ HomePlus is ‘self-learning’. It ‘passively’ collects all types of data using various types of sensors. Passive means no cameras are used and there is no need for any wearable types of devices. After an initial period of learning that establishes a ‘norm’, detection of activity that is outside of the ‘normal self-learned behavior’ of the individual that is being cared for is shared with caregivers.

Examples of the types of trending detection that are shared with agency, care managers and the family include:

Falling, based on inactivity

Not getting home in the evening

Wandering during the night

Not getting up in the morning

Remaining in the bathroom

Food intake seems to be lower

A reduction in the walking speed

within the home

Increase bathroom activity

Hows Grandma Services

Well Check Protocols

Know that your loved one is safe, but if something happens help is at hand. Starting at $119 per month, installed free and the equipment loaned free. No up front charges. 

Package A — $119 per month:

1 Well check call per week, RN analysis, Basic 24/7 ADL monitoring

Package B — $169 per month:

1 Well check call per week, 1 Home visit per month, RN analysis, Basic 24/7 ADL monitoring

Package C — $269 per month:

1 Well check call per week, 1 Home visit per week, RN analysis, Basic 24/7 ADL monitoring

Optional Extras: Fall Risk +$20 per month, additional Caregiver and RN time

(equipment loaned and installed free of charge, value $750)

Transitional Protocols

Get home from hospital or rehab safely and reduce the chances of readmission. Solutions Starting at $399 per week.

Package A 

First week $1699, on-going $999

Care Manager 8 Hours, RN assessment and monitoring 2 Hours, Caregiver (C.N.A) 40 Hours, Full 24/7 monitoring

Package B 

First week $699, on-going $649

Care Manager 2 Hours, RN assessment and monitoring 1 Hour, Caregiver (C.N.A) 20 Hours, Full 24/7 monitoring 

Package C

First week $399, on-going $349

Care Manager 2 Hours, RN assessment and monitoring 1 Hour, Caregiver (C.N.A) 8 Hours, Full 24/7 monitoring 

Optional Extras: RN time $120 ph, Caregiver $25 ph, Caregiver Hour blocks 20 Hours $440

(equipment loaned and installed free of charge, value $750, pricing and hours per week):


Home Care Agencies become a certified provider


Spread the word and be part of the Smarter Home-care revolution. We welcome Home care agencies.  We will train, certify and assist your agency. This will:


Differentiation your agency from other agencies and increase your referrals

Add three new business lines to your agency

Secure future client pipeline

Increase your quality

Increase your competitiveness

ALF Hows Grandma and Curasene solution

Monitor all your residents at a glance

This solution also increases the safety and care in facilities such as Assisted Living. Know if they are in bed, wandering, fallen. Focus your care resources more accurately. 

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Downloadable information on the HowsGrandma solution and Curasene technology

FAQs for Agencies

What does this system do for agency?

Establishes your agency as a leader in Smarter Home Care, creates a clear differentiation that gets you noticed, secures your sales pipeline, allows you to address client needs before other agencies

How hard is this system to implement?

Not hard, you will get trained and supported. Once each monitoring system is in place, it will learn the client and send you alerts. These alerts will might indicate more hands on home care is required

What if I try this program and its not for me?

Follow the certification process and do a test install, if you then decide its not for you, return the equipment for a full refund minus shipping costs

Does this program provide a margin to agency?

Yes, you get the monitoring at a discounted price and you add value with your monitoring, advise and add on services. 

What makes a How’s Grandma agency different from any other local home health agency?

First, a How’s Grandma agency will have access to the proven Curasene technology. Next, they will be a carefully vetted, well-trained and fully licensed agency. The agency will be trained and certified with the solution. Plus, they will be very up to date on technology and any new service which can be valuable to caregivers. 

I want to protect my mother’s privacy and dignity. Should I be concerned about the sensors?

There is only a small number of sensors in most situations. They only track motion. There is no video and no audio. Your mother can simply enjoy her retirement and not worry about having to wear anything or press any buttons. If required, however, additional devices (such as pendants and bed sensors) can be added to the system.