Get rid of paper diapers and bedpans forever
Discover our innovative automatic toileting system

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When the Carebidet’s advanced, built-in sensors detect urine and/or feces, it automatically ‘flushes’ excrement away, rinses, and air-dries the user’s body, ensuring cleanliness and comfort for the user without the need for disposable paper diapers.

Airflow and cleaning features protect patients and caregivers from infection, odor, and maintain personal hygiene.

What the Carebidet Users Say...

Video Testimonial for 24/7 Carebidet use Female 24

carebidet-1 Automatic toileting system for the bedridden

Get back hours every day while improving care for your loved one
(and reduce some of the worries and stress)

  • Provides better and more dignified care for the bedridden patient
  • Improved caregiver morale by allowing you to focus on care versus frequent cleaning
  • Reduces costs and waste from diapers, laundry, bedding
  • Effective odor control
  • Reduced urinary tract infections (UTIs) and lesions due staying too long in soiled diapers or bedding
  • Environmentally friendly – the Carebidet even helps to reduce the CO2 emissions from disposal of the soiled diapers.