Get rid of paper diapers and bedpans forever
Discover our innovative automatic toileting system


The unit price is over $20,000 plus the cost of consumables and maintenance. However we will lease it you for between all in price of $30 - $40 per day*. That's less than the cost professional diaper care.

*Cost of system depends on length of contract and service levels requested.

Professional diaper care costs at least $50 per day. Labor plus consumables of diaper care at least $40-50 per day. (4-6 changes per day, 15-20 minutes per change, averaging 2 hours per day saved, average cost $25 per hour, diaper cost $1, bed pads $0 .50, cream, wet wipes and extra laundry


It is the product of 10 + years research and development. Currently in use in 20 countries, more than 5000 + active users every day. It is certified for safety and use in Japan, Korea, Europe and the US with a active FDA registration. 

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CareBidet automatically senses solid or liquid waste, removes and deodorizes, uses a bidet system to clean entire area and then uses warm air to completely dry the area.  Its even keeps the area dry from moisture and sweat, between toileting, by using the warm air drying. This whole process is completely automatic. 

The only caregiver timer required is fitting the device (less time than one diaper fitting), refilling the water and emptying the sewage tank. This is normally carried out once a day, saving hours of labor each and every day. 

Yes. Just needs daily emptying, refill of water and quick check of the covered area. So much less time than diaper care. Saving Hours of caregiver time every day.

Absolutely yes! 

Decreases work load and stress on Caregivers. Saves at least 2 hours per day per bed bound client. Paid or family/unpaid caregiving burden is greatly reduced. The caregivers don’t have to deal with changing, cleaning process that goes with diaper care. Literal the worse part of caregiving role is greatly reduced. The reduction in caregiver workload is especially important since most facilities cannot get enough staffing.


The system is very easy to use. 

We have extensive on-line training, we are willing to share the training with everyone, for free. Enquire here, make sure you supply your email address.

We are very much looking to partner with other care providers to help spread the word. You can earn a reasonable commission and differentiate yourself from your competition. Enquire here:

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you interested in saving money on caregiving, laundry, supplies?
  • Are you interested in your caregivers being more motivated and having more caregiving hours available?
  • Are you interested in better health outcomes and reducing readmissions for UTIs, fall risks and Skin Rashes?
  • Are you interested in reducing waste and disposal costs?

If you answered yes to any of these, you should contact us


You can understand how to use it by viewing the 2 short videos here:

We have extensive on-line training, we are willing to share the training with everyone, for free. Enquire here, make sure you supply your email address.

Absolutely Yes! 

  • It saves money
  • Reduces UTI / Skins rashes
  • Reduces caregiver time required
  • Increases Dignity
  • Saves time and money on all that extra laundry
  • Decrease Carbon emission and paper waste

No one enjoys this part of caregiving. This system decreases the strain on your busy day and massively increases the dignity for your loved one. It also decreases the likelihood of UTIs and Skins rashes.   You will also save money on diapers, laundry, decrease paper waste and supplies. 

It will likely increase your overall hours, increase your visibility with referral sources and increase your competitiveness.

Partnering with us would give any provider the following advantages:

  • Differentiation from your competitors
  • Ability to restructure your services to make them more competitive e.g., a 24/7 might be sold as 16/7 plus the CareBidet to cover the nighttime toileting
  • Ability to service clients that you cant currently help, they will probably need more hours in the future
  • More Motivated Caregiver, they don't have do the worse task with your clients
  • Opportunity to sell to Hospitals, Rehabs, ALFs etc
  • New line of business that the facilities will really want


It deodorizes all waste

Any person who is bed or chair confined long term because of a spinal, nerve or muscle related condition, or serious illness, can benefit from the dignity and comfort that CareBidet offers in this most private of human functions. It is also beneficial for short term bed or chair confined people who are recovering from lower extremity fractures, require special post-surgical care or are encountering other situations that render them unable to toilet unassisted.

It was designed to be used easily for in-home care for users who want to remain with their families. 


Yes!  CareBidet was designed to work when a user is lying on their back.  It will continue to work well if their head is elevated no more than ten (10) degrees or they are moved no more than thirty (30) degrees on either side. If a user sits at a 90-degree angle, in a motorized wheel chair or hospital chair, the CareBidet should be removed. Once back in bed and laying down, face up, it can be put back on.

It depends on the size of the child or teen.  Their body must be able to accommodate the Bidet Cup which rests on top of the sacrum and curves up around the groin; and the Motion Control Wrap which encircles the waist and comfortably holds the Bidet Cup in place.

If a user has a Body Mass Index that indicates they are morbidly obese or significantly underweight, CareBidet may not be the best option for them.  The device design is based on body measurements, not necessarily BMI. If the buttocks are quite large, it is important to be able to comfortably spread the cheeks when putting the Bidet Cup on to make sure the entire area is thoroughly cleansed.  If there is too little skin it may feel uncomfortable.  Spacers can be added to the Bidet Cup to extend the measurements but the basic curvature cannot be made smaller. 

CareBidet is especially helpful in these situations where a user cannot let their caregiver know they need to toilet.  The CareBidet automatically senses when urination or defecation begins, and it automatically starts the cleansing and drying cycle when toileting is finished. 

Yes!  With male users, it’s important to understand whether they have a large, small or average size penis.  The Male Gender Module can only accommodate penis sizes in the average and slightly larger than average range.  In some cases, males with a smaller than average penis can use the female Gender Module. There is no need to determine the size of the female vulva or outer part of the female genitals. 

It will work with:

  • Indwelling catheter
  • Condom catheter
  • Intermittent self-catheter

There is catheter module included that just by-passes the urine collection area. This catheter module is fitted instead of the gender modules. 

However if the patient uses a Condom or Intermittent catheter you would probably find it more convenient to use the Carebidet.

If a bed confined dementia user is prone to sudden movement or often tries to remove their diaper/adult brief, they are not a good candidate for CareBidet. If the Bidet Cup is not correctly put on the patient, the device may not work properly as there might be leakage problems. It’s always best to ask the physician whose care they are under to make a recommendation. 

No!  A user’s continence is not a restriction.  It works regardless of whether the user can or cannot feel the urge to empty their bladder and or bowels.

Yes! As long as the patient feels comfortable when the Bidet Cup is correctly put on and the device runs normally. CareBidet can actually aid in improving and resolving diaper rash because it keeps the groin area clean and dry. 

It depends on what type of contracture the user has and how severe it is.  If the caregiver can attach the Bidet Cup comfortably to the user, it is perfectly safe to use the device.  In this situation it is especially important to make sure the Bidet Cup fits snuggly and comfortably with the user’s body. 

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